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"Yes! This is the cutting edge of our cultural evolution  - Holly Shaw leads us into the secret world of ritual and performance."

- Monique Rebelle, Author of Transcendence Calling

Heralded as one of 2019's

Outstanding Podcasts! - by Databird Research

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E68 with Jeremy "Worm" Jones

All Kinds of Funny

June 17, 2020

Writer, Cartoonist, and Stand-up comedian, Worm, joins me for a conversation about the search for funny,  his latest book, an apocalyptic thriller, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

E67 with Holly Shaw and Community

Wake Up From Your Fear Trance

May 29, 2020

Where are you letting fear run your life? Listen to this recording of Holly's recent Sunday Session where she begins by finding out from the creative community - what are their fears? We discuss breakups, career, family, relationships, the fear of being disliked and the political fear trance we're all under the spell of.  Listen to this recording and allow yourself to feel bigger than your fear so that you can be a catalyst for change! 

E66 with Tom Bom

Performing on Psychedelics

May 22, 2020

What would happen if you gave a bunch of comedians psychedelics and then asked them to get on stage and do their act?  Find out as I talk with Tom Bomb, a comedian and the producer of The Psychadelics Pshyo (pronounced "show), a monthly underground performance/social experiment that results in hilarity and artistic entertainment. One episode in a series of more to come exploring the topic of microdosing for creativity and healing. 

E65 with Holly Shaw and Community

Calling in Your Guides: Hypnosis for Fertility and Guidance

May 03, 2020

Ignite your higher power and invite in your guardians with this special recording of one of Holly's popular live Sunday sessions where she leads members of the Performers & Creators Lab artists' community in an online discussion of what they want to call into their life this spring followed by a group hypnosis session. 

E64 with Jennifer Mason

Laughing Into the Dark: Zoom Shows and Comedy in the COVID Era

April 14, 2020

Comedian and coach, Jennifer Mason and I talk about how to make the best out of online zoom shows, the transformational power of comedy and how everyone has a good "five minute set" inside of them.  Listen as she explains how she uses stand-up comedy as a transformational tool and hear tips for how to make the most out of this COVID age of show business. 

E63 with Holly Shaw

Hypnosis for Calm and Clarity During A Crisis

April 05, 2020

Feeling anxious? Overwhelmed? Stressed out?  Here's a recording from our weekly live Sunday morning sessions:  Group Hypnosis for Calm and Clarity.  In each session Certified Hypnotherapist, Holly Shaw, opens with a few words of inspiration, followed by simple and fun movement and dance for a few minutes before going into a deep relaxing hypnosis (similar to guided meditation).This week's session focuses on welcoming you back into different parts of your body and stoking the flame of your deepest desires.  Great for health, abundance, calm and clarity during these shelter-in-place times. 

E62 with Angela Rose Fields

Psychedelic Experiences of An Esoteric Biohacking Coach

March 29, 2020

When she was just 16 years old Esoteric Biohacking Coach, Angela Rose Fields, was initiated into the ayahuasca psychedelic experience  In this podcast episode we talk about her intense experience plus the importance of set and setting, micro-dosing, the science of chakras, gut and brain health and more! 

E61 with Nina Sussman

No Filter Comedy

March 08, 2020

Israeli comedian, Nina Sussman, comes over to my house for a candid wine fueled conversation about how we filter ourselves (or don't!) as comedians, what it's like to live on a kibbutz and more!  Listen all the way through to hear a clip of Nina's stand up comedy!

E60 with Phillip Gums

From International Model to Agency Owner: The Power of Positivity

March 01, 2020

Agency co-owner, Phillip Gums, talks about what it was like to be a black male model in the late 80’s and the age of the United Colors of Benetton.  Exciting stories of how he persisted in the face of rejection and built the relationships that eventually evolved into founding, JE Model Management, of the most prominent agencies in San Francisco through a career spanning thirty plus years.

E59 with Kellie Kramer

Telling Your Scariest Secret On Stage

October 23, 2019

Actress, Singer, and T.V. host, Kellie Kramer talks about the process of mounting one of her biggest life stories on stage in her self-written cabaret performance of All the Good Men Are Gay, wherein she shared the personal story of her nine-year marriage to a gay man, including what she knew, when she knew it, and how they tried to make it work.

E58 with Andrew Orolfo and Shoshanna Howard

Andrew Orolfo and Oakland's First Ever Comedy Festival!

October 09, 2019

I got the chance to catch up with comedian, Andrew Orolfo who just appeared on the James Corden Tonight Show and festival producer, Shoshanna Howard to talk about the comedy lifestyle and Oakland's first ever comedy festival! 

E57 BONUS with Holly Shaw

Healing Body Hypnosis for Performers After Injury or Surgery

October 01, 2019

Are you recovering from an injury, surgery or invasive procedure?  Certified Hypnotherapist, Holly Shaw, talks you through a relaxing and positive healing hypnosis made especially for professionals who use their bodies - like musicians, dancers, athletes -  Any injury or surgery can be viewed as an opportunity for your body to release old trauma, leftover emotional bodies in order to heal itself, and construct and create new pathways.  This episode talks you into a deep and healing frame of mind, releasing pain, concern and old patterns to make way for the new!

E56 with Harmony Gates

How Do You DEAL With Unwanted Attention Off Stage?

September 18, 2019

Being the center of attention on stage is one thing.  But what about managing the attention that you get - sometimes unwanted - off stage? In this conversation with somatic empath, Harmony Gates we talk about dealing with sexual harassment, jealous haters, and also just unwanted intimacy on the dance floor. We brainstorm solutions for how you can deflect energy you don't want, new ideas for communicating, and ways you can re-construct your reality to continue to shine brightly in this "me-too" era.

The Comedy Chronicles Part VIII

Stand-Up Comedian Billy Procida

May 22, 2019

Former guest, Billy Procida host of the renowned Manwhore Podcast, joins me for a frank and open conversation about stand-up, sex parties, the temptation of comedy romances, and why comedians sometimes cross the line with their jokes. 

The Comedy Chronicles Part VII

Vulnerability: I Can't Believe I Said That!

May 14, 2019

In this episode I talk about vulnerability and how it affects a comedy performances by sharing my personal experiences as well as talking about Brené Brown's Netflix special, Call to Courage. And I talk about my first ever comedy club performance at Tommy T's.

E55 with Holly Shaw

Getting Over Your Practice Hump

April 24, 2019

Having problems practicing?  Do you love what you do, but feel blocked or stuck in a self-sabotage loop when it comes to putting in the hours?  Don't worry! Listen to this episode with Performance Coach, Holly Shaw, to get unblocked and get some expert tips for how you can approach practicing in a way that feels easier and more manageable.

E54 Part II of this "Live" Coaching Lab with Kellita Maloof

Finding Your Voice and Letting Go of What Others Think of You

April 17, 2019

Continuing this Live-Lab Coaching Episode with Showgirl Shaman, Kellita Maloof, and dancer/MBA looking to find more confidence in sharing her story.  In this episode we also "time travel," discuss how to be interesting, the "milk-toastiness" of pleasing everyone, and how others shape us especially siblings.

E54 "Live" Coaching Lab with Kellita Maloof

Finding Your Voice and Letting Go of What Others Think of You

April 03, 2019

Showgirl Shaman, Kellita Maloof, joins Holly this week for a Live-Lab episode where we co-coach a dancer and MBA who is looking to find more confidence in sharing her story.  Kellita and Holly catch up and talk about the challenges of using the entrepreneur business model for the arts world and then we sink into Part I of a coaching session with a young woman wanting to let go of what others think and emerge more wholly confident. We coach, we listen and we time travel!! 

The Comedy Chronicles Part VI

Lightworker Refine Your Jokes!

March 24, 2019

Listen to actual clips from Holly's stand-up comedy, as this week she shares insight into how she's refining her jokes, what it means to be a #lightworkercomedian and what it is like living the "rock star" (cough cough, read "adult with interests") lifestyle.   Aaaaannnd find out how you can instantly watch actual videos of Holly's nasty joke stand-up comedy by contributing to the podcast Patreon page.  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

E53 with Briana Di Mara

Creating Haven

March 20, 2019

Listen to the story and the music of violinist, Briana Di Mara as we celebrate her Global Music Award winning album, Haven. Journey into the sounds of traditional folkloric music from all over the world through the eyes of this inventive artist as we talk about reluctant musical offspring, Briana's path through Suzuki and hard times, finding her tribe and more!

E52 with Holly Shaw

The Open Channel Game: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learn How to Channel Your Creative Genius

March 13, 2019

Ever wanted to learn how to "channel" so you can tap into new levels of creativity and wisdom? Listen as Holly explains step-by-step how to play The Open Channel Game that she does with each guest on the show so that you can do it effectively on your own! She covers the basic steps of The Open Channel Game, tips for doing it effectively, and the four components of trance that will help you deepen your relaxation so that you can tap into your creative genius whether you're writing, moving, speaking, or playing!

The Comedy Chronicles Part V

Atmospheric Soup and The White Lady Lens

March 09, 2019

This week Holly nearly gets booed off the stage at an open mic and ponders the white lady lens, atmospheric soup, what it means to be a #lightworkercomedian and how important it is for the host to set the tone.

E51 with Jeremy Mikush (aka Crystal Powers)

Drag Queens and Shapeshifters

March 06, 2019

Find out how drag is a form of shapeshifting shamanism as we talk with former academic, Jeremy Mikush (aka “Crystal Powers”) who has spent the last 5 years as a touring musician and drag artist with the well-known artist, Alaska Thunderfuck.  An enlivened conversation as we talk about the sacred nature of drag, coffee as a sacred stimulant, performing as a “vessel” and more!

The Comedy Chronicles Part IV

Are Open Mics For People Who Hate Themselves?

March 03, 2019

Holly talks about getting hazed at an open mic, revenge comedy, the importance of asking for what you want, and creating time onstage even though you don’t have it.

The Comedy Chronicles Part III

Don't Let Anyone Spoil Your Fun!

February 24, 2019

Holly talks about performing for other comedians, why she doesn’t let anyone to come see her perform stand-up, how the audience affects your jokes, and Bradley Cooper’s Oprah interview.

E50 with Salli Frattini

Inside the Producer's Mind

February 20, 2019

Get inside the mind of a producer this week! You know, those people that bring everyone together and create the environment for artist’s to flourish?  Hear my convo with Executive Producer, Salli Frattini, who spent over 20 years producing at MTV, created the first YouTube live stream music awards, and has worked with some of the biggest names in show business. Listen as we talk about capturing the elusive “viral” moment, what it’s like to be a female executive, producing for Beyonce and more!

The Comedy Chronicles Part II

Male Allies and Why What You Wear Matters

February 17, 2019

Holly has a contentious conversation with a comedian who doesn’t believe in white male privilege and also talks about male allies and why what you wear doing stand-up matters. 

E49 BONUS with Holly Shaw

Heart Opening Meditation

February 14, 2019

This recording will help you open your heart to receiving!! Attract opportunities, open yourself to gigs and more receptive to positive attention with this guided meditation that takes you deep into your body, releasing resistance and making yourself more available to love energy and success.  A special Valentine's Day heart opening episode with Certified Hypnotherapist, Holly Shaw.

The Comedy Chronicles

I Finally Did It! My First Stand-Up Comedy Experience

February 10, 2019

Holly shares about her first experience trying stand up comedy, what she remembered about practicing and performing, and let’s you know what to expect from The Comedy Chronicles bonus series on this podcast.

E48 with Glenn "Weez" Robinson, J.R. Furst and Cate White

Writing to Freedom: The Story of Beyond this Prison

February 06, 2019

This is a true story of Glenn Robinson (Weez), a man who had a 40 year prison sentence, for a non-violent crime he committed at 18, J.R. Furst his penpal, a poet and provocatuer, and Cate White, the artist who brought life to their letters. This is the story of how friendship, wisdom, and creativity became the lifeboat for one man’s literal freedom from prison and the mental unshakling of hundreds others.

E47 with Daria Halprin

Daria Halprin Part II: Forty Years of Giving Movement Back to People

January 30, 2019

In this Part II episode with Daria Halprin we talk about the expressive arts work she’s spent forty plus years creating. We cover the “transportation” issue of how to take your “new self” out into the world and the importance of assuming aesthetic responsibility. Bonus: Daria shares about the last time she made a self-portrait, what still surprises her, and what she’s still fascinated with pursuing over the next 20 years.

E46 with Daria Halprin

Through Trauma and Tragedy from One Stage to the Next

January 23, 2019

From the time she can remember, Daria Halprin, was immersed in an artistic life dancing with her famous mother, and eventually finding her way into acting and being thrust into the spotlight. But for Daria, like so many other young performers, this wasn’t always a healthy place to be, and she found herself seeking to get off the stage and create something else entirely. She began teaching and facilitating creative therapeutic work for others, and in 1978 Daria co-founded the Tamalpa Institute where now still to this day she directs training programs in movement/dance and expressive arts education, consultancy and therapy. Holly caught this interview at the famous Mountain Home Studio in Marin where Daria shares her journey through tragedy and trauma to become one of the leading pioneers in expressive arts education.

E45 with Bianca Cabrera

Chasing the Chicken: Creating Sub-Culture Around Your Work

January 16, 2019

We kick off the New Year with the choreographer and visionary, Bianca Cabrera as she leads us into her imagined world where modern dance has subcultures like rock genres, art is a for profit business, and your work can live beyond a single performance. Also, tune in to hear my personal new year’s resolutions and why sacrificing your happiness for your goals is a losing game. 

BEST OF with Arya Jha and Emily Zisman

Promoting Your Work Part I: Booking Agent Shares Brass Tacks Tips

January 09, 2019

Do you sometimes feel icky about self-promotion? Or unsure what to do to get the word out? Check out this favorite episode listened to many times over for its valuable and straight-forward content! In this rich double-interview with Emily Zisman, a singer/songwriter who wants to know how to promote her work, and Arya Jha, a marketing & PR booking agent, who wants to share her insider expertise with entertainers - you’ll hear about the 70:20:10 rule, you’ll get creative marketing ideas, and learn exactly what booking agents are looking for when they produce shows. And this is just the beginning.

BEST OF with Holly Shaw and Jeffrey Weissman

Perform Like A Shaman

January 01, 2019

We're starting 2019 with a re-broadcast of this podcast's manifesto! Listen as Holly Shaw explains how performing artists in particular use entrainment, channeling and ecstasy in order to invoke the creative movement that the planet is calling for. Exploring examples from her own orgasmic experience on stage, to that of other artists like Tori Amos, Gabrielle Roth, Mickey Hart, Emily Dickinson, and Rainn Wilson, Shaw shares her vision for the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast. Actor, Jeffrey Weissman provides commentary about the origins of stage fright.

E44 with Britney Briggs and Leah Ferrer of Bay Area Flash Mob

Surprise! Our Mob Is Performing For You!

December 25, 2019

What’s it like to perform in a flash mob?  This week we find out when we interview the organizers of Bay Area Flash Mob, Britney Briggs and Leah Ferrer - winners of the #PACL Performance challenge! We talk about crazy gigs, crashing weddings, and how to maintain your groove and capture the audience in the chaos that can be surprise performances.