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Female Photographer

Performing Artists' Branding Bootcamp

A Group Coaching Intensive:
Get the Professional Toolkit You Need to Grow Your Fans & Following

Oct 3rd - Nov 21st 2022

Don't wait! Space is limited!

In just 8 Weeks. . . 

In just 8 weeks, or at your own pace (that's beauty of having an online version of the course afterall!) you'll go from feeling stuck in your career to being inspired, in action, submitting and making moves creative beast! Excited in your gigs, tours, auditions, your performances and most importantly  READY to PRESENT YOURSELF in a way to the world that feels aligned with who you truly and authentically are. 

What You'll Get:

  • Practical tools and step-by-step guidance to create your website and social media home for your fans and followers that sings with your unique "you-ness" and presents you as an attractive  professional to agents, managers, and booking agents

  • Opportunity and guidance to dive deeply into your artistic voice, uncover the blocks and fears that are stopping you, and not only move past them, but learn how to alchemize them into your creative work

  • Coaching, accountability and work session study halls to actually do the work and get it done!

  • Connection and Guided feedback from your peers in a safe container with a friendly group of other artists going through the same process

  • Q&A's and classes from guest speakers in the industry: branding professionals/publicists, website UX design experts, and hear from artists who have "cracked the code" and attracted large social media followings

  • Completed biography and the skills to write new ones whenever you need throughout your career for every occassion

  • Brand new professional photos that reflect your newly refined brand and artistic voice

  • Momentum and next steps to put your professional toolkit into action so you can keep going and continue to reach in your career all year long!

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Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.40.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.36.11 PM.png
iris benson.jpg

How You'll Get It:

  • 7 Weekly 2.5 Hour (17.5 Hours Total) virtual Live Group coaching sessions with Certified Hypnotherapist and Creativity Coach, Holly Shaw 

  • 7 Weekly One Hour Virtual Study Hall Work Sessions where you can ask questions, get feedback or simply have accountability to work on that week's assignment

  • 2 Private 1v1 coaching sessions with Holly Shaw (one prior to the program and one in the middle)

  • An online version of the course (class recordings/worksheets/videos) that you can still access once the group program is over

  • Your own downloadable worksheets to help guide you through the course

  • Short and effective guided meditation segments included in every weekly session

  • Professional Photo shoot which includes two sessions: studio shots with photographer, Nick Larson as well as outdoor location shots with photographer, Katy Karns in order to get a variety of new headshots, full body shots and images you can use for your EPK, promotion, website, and social media. Our photographers work slightly differently on their delivery methods so please see those details below:

    • Photo Delivery Nick Larson shoot: Within a few days after your shoot you'll be sent all of the raw watermarked images from your individual session. At that time you can pick out 3 shots you want and those will be edited and professionally gently touched up and delivered to you as high res images. The program fee includes 3 shots from Nick Larson. If you would like additional shots, those will be available to you at an addtl $10/ea.

    • Photo Delivery Katy Karns shoot: Within a few days after your shoot you'll be sent all of the good photos from your individual session hand-picked by Katy Karns and gently edited and available to you in high res form. You can expect to receive 10-20 images from Katy's shoot all included in the program fee. 

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IMG_0297 2.JPG

BONUS! Once you enroll you'll also receive a digital copy of Holly's latest book, Making Art In the Middle of Madness

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.47.38 PM.png
Making Art in the Middle of Madness_cover art_3D_double.jpg

When You'll Get It:

  • Your Toolbox will be available immediately! Begin the process by getting start-up materials right away in the form of video, exercises, resources and the link to schedule your first 1v1 private coaching session with Holly.

  • Your first Private 1v1 session with Holly happens anytime you schedule prior to workshop start on October 3rd.

  • Your second Private 1v1 session with Holly happens between Nov 1st - 21st, 2022 when you're working on website, social media and taking your artistic voice to the world.

  • Photo Shoot happens:


Oakland, CA exact location TBA

  • Group Coaching Class happens:

EVERY MONDAY 7pm - 9:30pm Pacific Standard Time

October 3rd - November 21st except for Indigenous People's Day and Halloween (those week's calls will be on Tuesday nights)

EXACT DATES: Oct 3rd, Oct 11th, Oct 17th, Nov 1st, Nov 7th, Nov 14th, Nov 21st

Via Zoom Video Conferencing (you'll receive instructions on how to join within the online course)

  • Weekly Study Hall Work Sessions happen:

EVERY FRIDAY 11am - 12pm noon Pacific Standard Time

Oct 7th - Nov 18th, 2022

Via Zoom Video Conferencing (you'll receive instructions on how to join within the online course)

Recordings of each class will be published and available within 1 week after each class meeting.  Live online attendance to every single Monday group coaching session is strongly encouraged and recommended.  

What People Are Saying

"This was an amazing class! I have received compliments on my social media "glow-up" since enrolling ; this class helped me take myself seriously as an artist and feel more optimistic about it."

- Christie Bahna, comedian

since taking the Branding Bootcamp in January 2022, Christie has booked two voiceover roles for major industry film studios, won spots in the World Series of Comedy and performed at several of new venues off of her wishlist

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Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.10.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.16.41 PM.png

Meet Your Coach


Holly Shaw

Hypnotherapist and performance anxiety expert - NBC News

Holly Shaw is a life-long performing artist who has spent the last 30 years performing in film (starring in an ABC Afterschool Special at 16), TV (hosting the Edinburgh Revue on T.V. at 23) and on stages all over the world as an actor and dancer and stand-up comedian.  She has taught several times at SAG/AFTRA's conservatories in SF as well as LA, is the host of the award winning, Performers & Creators Lab Podcast, and is the author of two books: the Amazon bestseller, The Creative Formula, and the #1 New Release, Making Art In the Middle of Madness.  Currently she performs stand-up comedy regularly and produces showcases in Oakland, CA.  Her latest production, the Comedy Edge: stand-up on the waterfront, celebrated 40 weeks of selling out a 100+ seat venue from 2020 - 2021.

Deeply passionate about helping artists she has also coached hundreds of performing artists, including Hollywood actors, Emmy Award winning and Grammy nominated musicians, overcome their blocks and impostor syndrome, and get the professional toolkit they need so that they can create the work they were born to make, attract their fans and followers, and become undeniably magnetic performers.

An intuitive listener and dexterous coach with ten years of experience, Holly is ready to improvise and pull out all the stops in order to take you where you need to go and get a big shift quickly.

Meet Your Photographers


Nick Larson

has been photographing people for over ten years and is a Bay Area based comedian and podcaster who served as the resident headshot photographer for the Sacramento Punchline before the pandemic. Owner of Nick Larson photography, he loves helping out his fellow comedians by providing quality photos to help them present professionally to potential bookers. Follow him on Instagram: @nicklarsonphotography.

See Below for Samples of Nick's Work:

Find more on Instagram: @nicklarsonphotography.


Katy Karns


"Photography started as a hobby and now its a passion which has developed in to my second career. I have found myself working all types of gigs from proms, graduations, weddings, comedy and burlesque shows, marathons, concerts, headshots, professional photo shoots or just capturing someones dating profile shots. You name it, I have done it.  

I love taking peoples portraits, to try to go beyond “smile” and really get to know someone to capture their personality with in a photo. I've had the pleasure of working with clients and products, designing a look for their marketing needs.


See Below for Samples of Katy's Work:

Find more on her website>>

Chris -3 (1).jpg
Mean Dave-6 (1).jpg

What's Included In the Course

Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 7.03.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.09.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 6.11.18 PM.png
Beach Run

WEEK 1 Refine Your Artistic Voice - Dive deep into who you are as an artist and what you have to say, get guided reflective feedback from the group on a clip of your work, and begin to understand how to shape and put words and meaning to your artistic voice and vision

WEEK 2 Deal with Your Demons - Learn how your negative self-talk or inner dialogue affects your work and not always in a bad way. Get tools to help dismantle and disarm your 'demons' and tips for alchemizing this stuff into your creative work.


WEEK 3 Write Your Bio - Get It Done! - You'll learn and be guided through a step-by-step method for writing your bio, learn best industry practices and get the tools to write them for every occasion for the rest of your life!

WEEK 4 Photo Shoot Day!! - Spend a day in the studio and on location getting your headshots and more! Now that you are armed with a deeper understanding of your artistic voice, you can get photos reflecting this updated version!

WEEK 5 Online Presence: The Inner and Outer Game for Going Public with Yourself and Your Work - This week we'll start to look at the overall picture for your website and social media home while also covering the inner mindset transformation needed for this big step outward into the world.

WEEK 6 Work Your Website - We'll go through the steps to create a new website or refine the website you already have, plugging in the pieces - your bio, your artistic voice, your new photos - to create a fully realized online home for you and your work and plan strategies to optimize your website so it works for you to capture fans and followers.

WEEK 7 Build a Social Media Home for Your Audience - We'll start the process of setting up or refining what you already have and begin strategizing your course to find your fans and followers and build your online community

WEEK 8 Maximize Momentum - Finally we'll talk next steps: what is possible now with these things in place and at play? What are you going to do next? Submit more, seek representation, publicity etc. and guidance on how to do that and continue throughout the year.

More Testimonials


Allie Boyd

Singer, Professor, Speaker (Branding Bootcamp participant)

"I gained so much useful insight on how to think about and portray myself as an artist.  . . this bootcamp helped me identify the overlap and streamline my creative ideas and business plan. I can say this was the perfect starting point for my path."


Frank Garcia-Hejl, Writer, Actor, (group coaching participant)

First Impressions with Dana Carvey, CBS Showcase, Comedy Central's Comics to Watch 2015


"You give such fantastic advice. Taking your class was so helpful for me because I had just gotten out of cancer treatments at that time and I was so in my head about returning back because my hair was growing back . . .. I just felt off. And I just needed to get over those yips and gain my self-confidence back. And taking your class helped me with a lot of things, even outside of that, breathing, being in the moment. Your guidance really helped me out."


This intensive is for you if you're a performing artists who . . .

  • knows you need to take your career to the next level but are feeling blocked from actually doing the work to do it

  • is considering seeking representation or seeking new representation

  • wants better opportunities

  • is tired of waiting to be discovered and you want your fans to be able find you

  • know you need to update your professional tools but feel blocked in actually getting it done

  • is coachable and ready to receive support and guidance to be seen in a bigger way

Do you ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels?

Like you know you need to take your artistic career to the next level, but aren't quite sure how . . . or maybe you just feel a little lost in the sea of YouTube tutorials and online advice on how to do it?

Or maybe you know what to do but there's a deeper fear blocking you? You feel like maybe you're not worth it or not ready or you're afraid of people thinking "who do you think you are???"

Well, you're not alone.

And that is exactly why I've been coaching artists privately and in group programs over the last ten years helping them to find their edge and take their work and career to the next level.

Look, I'll be real with you,

there's no substitution for putting in the time to work on your craft and investing in your talent.  No amount of perfect branding smoke and mirrors magic tricks will substitute for the hard work to refine your talent.

But what I've found is most artists lean the other way:


You work for years and tirelessly for perfection before ever really giving yourself the investment to make your photos, bio, website, and social media level up to how great you truly are.

  • If you're tired of wondering how to take yourself to the next level or putting off doing what it takes. . .

  • If you're done with being an "undiscovered" secret

  • And if you're ready to really dive into your voice so your fans and followers and your team can find you

Then this 8 week group coaching program is for you. . . 

And One More Testimonial . . . 

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 5.26.54 PM.png

Iris Benson, comedian and writer

Branding Bootcamp Participant


"Holly's strengths are having a lot of exercises to get us thinking and talking about what we want to do next . . . this class was a necessary kick in the butt."

iris benson.jpg
Female Photographer

Performing Artists' Branding Bootcamp

A Group Coaching Intensive:
Get the Professional Toolkit You Need to Grow Your Fans & Following

OCT 3rd - NOV 21st, 2022

Don't wait! Space is limited!

Enroll now

$979 (Pay in Full One-Time Payment and save $150)

$376/Mo (Pay $376 now and then 2 more monthly Installments of $376 ea)

Subsequent payments on 10/10/22 and 11/10/22

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