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  • Command the RoomDr. Miluna Fausch interviews Holly Shaw, CHT, about the voice, how to use the voice from the perspective of an actor and a speaker, and on overcoming stage fright. [Segments from original special]

  • Quit the Chaos Keep the Gig Koorosh Rassekh, MMFT of Evo Health and Wellness Center interviews Holly Shaw, CHT about artists and substance abuse as they talk about performance anxiety and negative self-talk.



  • The Sarah R. Bagley Podcast:  Holly Shaw: Overcoming Self-Doubt:  Holly shares her journey as a young actor struggling self-doubt and destructive behaviors to turning her life around through a personal challenge to create a flamenco dance everyday. Through her dance career, she learned how to move through creative blocks and performance anxiety, and today she works with creatives on those same issues.


Performers & Creators Lab Podcast with Holly Shaw was heralded as one of 2019's 100 Outstanding Podcasts by Databird  mentions the episode series Women In Hollywood: Warriors from within starting with actor/disability activist, Eileen Grubba

Short Biography

Holly Shaw, CHT

Creativity Coach & Bestselling Author


Holly Shaw, CHT and bestselling author of The Creative Formula, is a life-long performing artist who has not only performed in film, TV and on stages all over the world as an actor and dancer and stand up comedian, but has also helped thousands of performing artists, some of them Emmy Award winning and Grammy nominated, overcome bad habits, stage fright, impostor syndrome, and creative blocks so that they can create the work they were born to make and become undeniably magnetic performers. She is a regular teacher at SAG/AFTRA's conservatories in SF as well as LA. Host of the award winning, Performers & Creators Lab Podcast.




The Creative Formula: Compose, Choreograph, and Capture Your Masterpiece - May 2016



Diving Deeper Into Flamenco - July 2013

Extended Bio

Before becoming a coach and hypnotherapist, Holly was a professional flamenco dancer for fifteen years, performing as a soloist with the internationally renowned company, Caminos Flamencos, starring as a guest artist in L.A.'s Forever Flamenco at L.A.'s Fountain Theatre, and performing with the Pacific Symphony Orchestra.

Shaw's own choreographic work has been commissioned by the Hewlitt Foundation of the Arts, the Edinburgh Arts Festival, Caminos Flamencos and the WestWave Festival.  Comprising mostly of contemporary flamenco dance theatre pieces, her most revelatory project 365dances, where she created a dance every day for an entire year, served as a profound turning point in her career where she fell in love with creativity research and the nature of making things.

In 2007, she created the Eve's Elixir project, a platform for artists of contemporary world dance wanting to bring new ideas to traditional dance forms and produced several shows in San Francisco and all over the Bay Area at such venues as Cowell Theatre, Julia Morgan, and the Flight Deck Theater. 

Seeing the need for a different kind of flamenco dance education, Shaw developed The Deeper Lab Flamenco Dance Intensive with the help of Melissa Cruz in 2013 and went on to continue to share this format and co-teach with La Tania, and Clara Rodriguez as well.  The Deeper Lab was the first time anyone had brought tools borrowed from contemporary dance, improvisation, somatic experiencing, and creative exploration to the traditional dance form through a workshop - giving participants a profoundly personal experience and a safe container where they're able to break through their upper limits.

Watch a Documentary of The Deeper Lab

Now a sought after speaker, Shaw hosts the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast on the VoiceAmerica Network while speaking and doing workshops at universities, conferences and places such as the Screen Actors Guild in San Francisco and Los Angeles on creativity, performance and stage fright.

A certified hypnotherapist, she helps clients, musicians, actors, dancers, overcome stage fright, creative blocks and build positive habits necessary to sustain long successful careers in the performing arts.

Presentation Topics for Talks/Workshops

Holly's Speaker One Sheet

  • Audition Like A Pro: How to Turn Nervousness Into Magnetism [for musicians]

  • Play Like A Pro: How to Turn Stage Fright Into Magnetism [for actors]

  • 5 Secrets to Get Your Work Out of Your Head and Onto the Stage

  • How To Build Your "You Are 'Da Bomb!" Bio

  • Creativity from the Inside Out

  • Perform Like A Shaman: How to Take An Audience On a Journey

  • Break Through the Fear: Audition & Performance Lab Intensive

  • The Deeper Lab Flamenco Dance Intensive

  • New Year's Resolution for the Creative Mind - Talk or a Self-Hypnosis Class

  • Connection, Choreography, Charisma [for dance companies]

Testimonials from Previous Participants:


"Recently, I attended a workshop about auditioning led by Holly Shaw. I cannot express the amount of momentum I have felt after practicing her Watermill technique. I even do it if I start to get nervous about something I am thinking about going after. Yesterday I had a burst of energy and have been putting myself out there for things that I wouldn't have previously. I feel like someone took the cap off of the faucet."

       - Deborah Haden, SAG Actor

"Thank you Holly for your presentation last night for SAG. I felt so uplifted and inspired."

       - Marion Novasic, SAG Actor


"I greatly enjoyed the workshop! So many topics and techniques profoundly resonated with me."

       - Meagan Cunningham, SAG Actor

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