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Episode 31 with Meli Alexander

Audition with Improv: A Coaching Call with An Actor

August 29, 2018

Ever felt like the audition process is set up to fail you? You’ll love this coaching episode with SAG Hollywood actor, Meli Alexander as she relays a recent co-star audition that didn’t go as she hoped and I coach her through how to approach it better next time.  We talk about how to use your natural gifts in auditions, improvisation as a tool to conquer self-doubt and how to bounce back after bombing.

Episode 25 with Enon Gaines from Unlikely Heroes

How to Talk About Your Craft with Confidence

July 18, 2018

As an artist, it isn’t uncommon to feel at a loss when asked about what you do. In this episode, you’ll hear about a two-step process for answering that question in a way that feels genuine and makes people interested to hear more. Joined by the lead singer/rapper of Unlikely Heroes, Enon Gaines, Holly coaches him through the process and more as Enon shares about the burnout experience of being a new popular band, the meaning behind the name, “Unlikely Heroes,” and what family wounds songwriting has healed for him. This episode energized by the music of Unlikely Heroes and includes a bonus rap improvisation with Enon.

Episode 19 with Rebecca Kleinmann

The Creative Formula Live Experience

May 30, 2018

Special Episode! Experience the wisdom of Holly’s creative formula in action as Holly coaches critically acclaimed flutist and composer, Rebecca Kleinmann through this three-step process in this musically rich episode invigorated by the sounds, improvisations, and stories of this intriguing rising artist. Rebecca also shares her biggest regret when it comes to missed opportunities, insider secrets into how she learned to improvise and overcome perfection paralysis, and tales of how she ended up with a hand-written original composition by legend, Hermeto Pascoal, on her kitchen wall. Hear how the creative formula works firsthand! And find exclusive bonus video clips of this episode and others here.

Episode 14 with Ayden Graham and Mark Pearson

Original You: Copycats, Copyrights, and Owning Your Art

April 25, 2018

Ever worried someone might steal your work? And what would you do if someone accused YOU of copying theirs? We cover these questions with guests, singer/songwriter, Ayden Graham and entertainment lawyer, Mark Pearson as we explore topics like art ownership and stealing like an artist, as we discuss the famous copyright battles of Prince and Pharrell Williams. Holly also shares 7 Mistakes that Cause You Anxiety about Art Ownership. This episode is Part I of Original You, a series where we’ll dive into what it means to be unique, and how to safeguard it, sell it, and define your artistic voice. The legal information provided in this episode is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for qualified legal advice given by counsel of your choosing. Neither Mark A. Pearson nor Holly Shaw dba Performers & Creators Lab shall hold any responsibility for your reliance on the information provided.

Episode 9 with Arya Jha and Emily Zisman

Promoting Your Work Part II: Getting Over the "Ick" and The Art of the Vulnerable Share

March 21, 2018

It's time to go deeper!  Do you sometimes feel icky about self-promotion? Or you’re just unsure about how to get the word out so you can actually have an audience, a fan base, a following?  In this Part II episode of the Promoting Your Work Series, Holly covers the “inner game” of this topic. You’ll discover 4 questions you can ask to help you work through your resistance around self-promotion, learn about “The Art of the Vulnerable Share,” and get ideas for how you can promote your work in a way that feels good as we continue the coaching session with singer/songwriter, Emily Zisman and booking agent, Arya Jha.  This episode delivers the powerful mindset shift that you need in order to get out there and actually start promoting your work. Listeners can pick up their free gift, Build Your ‘You Are ‘Da Bomb!’ Bio Minicourse, and the BONUS, The Art of the Vulnerable Share here.

Episode 5

How Do I Get Creative Without Pot?

February 21, 2018

“How do I access the stoned dancer when I’m not stoned?”  Listen as Holly answers this question and coaches a professional dancer wanting to find a different way other than marijuana to access her creative genius when she choreographs. The episode covers insights into the way marijuana works with creativity, how to achieve a natural high, the four essential components in creating trance states without drugs, and tips for breaking bad habits.  Includes commentary from a musician/composer and a middle-school science teacher who enjoy the benefits of marijuana and see no reason to stop.  This episode is 420 friendly and simply provides alternatives for those wishing to create without using substances.

Episode 15 with Ayden Graham & Mark Pearson

Original You Part II: Balancing Business with Creativity

May 02, 2018

Are you feeling burned out from trying to balance the business side of being a professional artist with the creative side? Listen as Holly talks once again with guests, singer/songwriter, Ayden Graham, and entertainment lawyer, Mark Pearson.  Find out why it’s important to work on pieces that are “hot” for you, as we talk about selling your art, using failure as a springboard for success, and overcoming self-doubt. You’ll also learn 10 ways to get into Alignment with being creative even when you’re overwhelmed so that you can Make Art in the Middle of the Madness. 

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