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"Yes! This is the cutting edge of our cultural evolution  - Holly Shaw leads us into the secret world of ritual and performance."

- Monique Rebelle

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Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Eileen Grubba

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

June 27, 2018

Eileen Grubba, Actor/Activist known for her memorable, edgy characters in shows like Sons of Anarchy (2008), NBC's Game of Silence (2016), and HBO's Hung (2009) have gained her a reputation for courageous character work. In this interview, originally recorded live at Digital Hollywood in L.A. this year, she  dishes with us about her work as a disability activist and about how she alchemizes her own harrowing life experiences into her creative work in this powerful episode that will leave you asking, “What would I stand up and speak for . . . even if no one else would?”  This is the premiere of a new episode series, Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within, a series of captivating bite-sized profiles of the luminous and courageous women making Hollywood great here and now.

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Jackie Loeb

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 15, 2018

Jackie Loeb, Comedian, Actor and Writer was the winner of the 2016 MO Award for Best-Stand Up Comedian and after I caught her hanging out in the speakers' lounge at Digital Hollywood I convinced her to come on live radio and riff with me about the phenomenon of TEDtalks, big tummies, and a behind-the-scenes look at the culture of Hollywood. Don’t let the non-stop laughter fool you. One of the bravest of all women warriors, Jackie Loeb, isn’t afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking and will inspire you to do the same. 

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Heidi-Marie Ferren

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

August 05, 2018

Heidi-Marie Ferren is a singer/actress, writer/spokesperson who has played Wonder Woman on HBO’s hit T.V. show “Bored to Death” and also served our Armed Forces across the globe as Miss USO. I caught up with her at Digital Hollywood where we talked about her latest project involving female driven content called, “Woman Enough,” and stories from her service as Miss USO. Heidi models how to show up in service yet also how to be brave and break the rules. 

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Tania Z

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 29, 2018

Tania Z, actress, filmmaker and self-proclaimed "glamazon," talks about her work advocating for legalization of medical marijuana for military veterans, her film that’s part of the LACMA archive, and how she loves presenting stories with an alternate viewpoint in this episode of the Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within series. Look for a new episode every Sunday as the Performers & Creators Lab Podcast shares these captivating short profiles of women change makers making Hollywood great here and now.

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Jerri Lynn Hogg

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 22, 2018

Jerri Lynn Hogg, Director of the Media Psychology PhD program at Fielding University joins Holly for a conversation about virtual reality and where it’s taking us. From educational environments that we can now create, to augmented and virtual spaces, we ask the questions of how are we changing as we become more connected this way and how is technology influencing us? What are the ethical implications of following a 12 year old girl around a Syrian refugee camp and how do these new “realities” affect us with their ability to harm or heal?

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood with Catherine Clinch

Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

July 08, 2018

Catherine Clinch, T.V. writer, producer and pioneer in the field of technology where she’s won prizes at 5 hackathons, and she's been awarded three US Patents for inventing a revolutionary new form of mobile entertainment.  In this conversation she shares her unique view on "gatekeepers," the benefits of getting older, and what she wishes she had known when she was younger. After listening to this you'll find yourself asking the questions, "Where am I putting unnecessary limitations on myself?" or saying, "I can’t because they - someone else - won’t let me." Catherine Clinch breaks through barriers and lets us know that you don't have to be done just because they tell you leave the table.

Recorded LIVE at Digital Hollywood

An Interview with The Woman Behind Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within

August 12, 2018

In this interview taken live at Digital Hollywood, Holly is in the hot seat for once, being interviewed by VoiceAmerica's own Lori H. Schwartz, host of the Techcat Radio Show, as we get a look at the woman behind The Women In Hollywood: Warriors from Within Series, Holly Shaw.  In this cheeky fun interview, they chat about hypnosis, mind altering substances, and hatred for certain specific foods.

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